Happifying Businesses

Happifying Businesses

First Ever Emotional Intelligence App for Businesses



Two reasons why your business needs EaseYourBiz App

1. Employees going through negative experiences cannot deliver positive results.
2. Dissatisfied internal customers cannot deliver great experiences to external customers.

EaseYourBiz is a gamified platform to enhance everyday employee experience & collaboration between the teams.

how it works
how it works

EaseYourBiz App converts workplaces into positive experience zones in 3 simple steps.

1. Everyday bite size training on Emotional Intelligence to help people build Credibility, Trust and Likeability to improve relationships with peers, managers, and leaders.

2. A simplified & objectified peer to peer appreciation platform to energise and inspire their daily actions impacting the business results positively.

3. Continuous improvement model of Internal Customer Survey to measure & optimise department wise delivery to their internal customers

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First 50 invites will get 6 months free usage of EYB App

how it works

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All you need to know about the platform

Motivating and engaging employees through free food, jazzy offices, or a volleyball court cannot compete with being respected, cared for and valued. EYB App lets you develop and nurture a positive and engaging culture within which your employees can thrive.
EaseYourBiz is first ever Emotional Wellness App to Happify Businesses. EaseYourBiz is a gamified platform to enhance employee engagement & collaboration by making them feel valued and appreciated.
Action oriented platform of EaseYourBiz is designed & developed with following features for easier adoption:
- Gamification
- Leaderboard
- Reward Wallet
- Reward Redemption Mechanism
- Customised reports on demand
Top 50 privileged customers based on their priority score shall be entitled for 6 month free subscription of EYB application.
You may "Request Invite" to be a part of the happy customer/happy employee ecosystem. We will create customized platform for your organization at our backend for you to go live absolutely hassle free.
EYB App is for every organization who needs to create an impact on external customers and simultaneously not compromising on employee experience which they go through on day to day basis.

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Our simple subscription plans give you more power and ease to manage people and drive performance.

how it works

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Happy Employees deliver 43% More
Happy Customers Spend 140% More